so one day
i decided
my life was never going to be
the same again
so how clean
was my ambition?
when the comedy starts
how i hated it all
with irresistible passion
i was singing about dishwashers and dianas
with a resistable passion
i wanted to change the world
but i was always more afraid of them
then they were of me
21 years of insomnia
when the pressure felt hard on me
21 years of insomnia
in a life that never sleeps
that was then
and this is now
2 decades later
i feel like a protagonist
in a gentle comedy
in a funny tragedy
in a paradox society
i married into convenience
do i still wanna change the world
maybe more than ever
how clean
is my ambition?
my reports of a twisted moralist
are overlooked
by majorities
so what

words: boa
music: boa, vella, lund, timmermann, toett, rebel, pellberg