after a decade in lowlife
i find my way
while the weeks with you
were fading away …

come again in spring
let us feel like fools again

my ethics are strong
my pride is tall
and my morals go bust
for 30 seconds
my name is Charlie Chaplin
and i clock like a robot
while my natural sources
shoot back in my bones
far too fast

come again in spring
let us feel like fools
(let us feel like fools again)
come again in spring
when i need your love
(when i need your love again)

it’s like my law of life
i need your love
like the golden power
come again in spring
sing me the songs of sun and sea
when were talking about love
you were drawing the line

like Jaques Tati
like Charlie Chaplin
like Jean Pierre Leand
like goons,
like clowns
come again in spring

words: boa
music: lund, pellberg