let hope and trust feel down on you – and smile! let time die hard on you – and smile!
how do i know if your smile is true? your civil-mask lets nothing through.
this is the age of tasmanian siles. the return of the laughter-master.
what do you want? is it despise?
is that what you want? then mind your head if you go ahead – i reply with a demon-smile.
we better slap hands. before i release my angry tribe
but maybe we can scorn together.
find a way and fight our way. to another wonderful day.
(who needs war in a world of wars?)
let time die hard on us – and smile! it’s a great honour. that you put your trust in me! and smile!
and if i feel obsession. can i lean on you?
i feel you hard.

words: boa
music: abularach