with a crack in my voice
i feel sick, but i feel happy
when souls collide
when worlds go under
greasy little cowards, old you
seems a grand great view
from the wings of my heart

for her, in the summer
for her, in the winter
for her, in the spring

when the devil seizes you
my heart is my desire,
my friend of all honours
the tide of the tears
the fight of the fears
all you brilliance,
what an end
thank you heavens for a friend
you wonderful friend
did you really love me?
did you really love me?

once my skin
once my skin
once my skin…
once my skin
once my opium
now a greasy little coward
(like a treasure slapped the devil)
on the stillest day
i witness the end
my friend…

words: boa
music: boa, toett, pellberg