once i told you a story about paul
who was in love with a container
now he’s even older, life left him lonely
looking for a new way to survive
an evil owner of a private club
offered him a job…
our heroes is now on standby
for a weekly date at this private club
the owner arranges for…
(well i tell you later)

love on sale
from the beauty
for the damned
days of shame
where they ever there?
(price fore shame-
was it ever so cheap)
the owner arranges
for some mr.abundance“
(decadent, too rich and bored
male members of our society
a private show:
2 girls of beauty, around 16,
make love with paul (or try to)
while the „misters of perks“
(paul’s show with the two girls-
is a „business-present“)
put a seal to their deal
by watching this
show of disgrace

love on sale

paul is on sale
for a 50 marks-note
but the actor’s shame
is still the same

words: boa
music: boa, eickelmann, lund