welcome – to a new season of deathwish.
and other dangers. come in – you won’t feel surprised.
just a little bit scared. forget that – you are too romantic.
it’sjust your argus-eyes will stare. and open your mind for a while.
but don’t worry – next sleep will come. it might be long, it might be eternal.

there’s only one philosophical problem: shall i wait until i suddenly die.
or shall give it a suicidal try? No poet has ever had the courage. to prove and find out why
…life is so strong … life is so cruel.
it fucks you with a knife, day in , day out, so please: go and answer the question.
then don’t look away – look up and welcome to a millenium. of feeling young forever!
it’s a fistful of hate. i associate. when i think about the future – stay young forever!
welcome to a new season of death-wish

words: boa
music: abularach